“Danielle Clark is a reputable & experienced dog trainer, working with the most advanced methods, always striving towards improving her knowledge. You will love her teaching style as she does not only deliver information professionally but in a unique & fun way that will make learning easy. A rare gem in Edmonton’s dog training world!”

Verena Pecsy-Barber, BSc
Owner Critter Training 101

“I met Danielle through work at the Calgary Humane Society. Danielle is a talented and skilled trainer and it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Owner Canine Minds and Manners

"I’ve never attended a seminar with such a passionate instructor who was able to answer everyone’s questions. Danielle is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable dog trainer who knows how to engage people in their learning."

Alethea Bell – seminar attendee

"We cannot thank Danielle enough for the help and training she gave us with our 2 Great Danes, Lucy & Tigger.  They are both wonderful dogs, but due to their immense size we knew we needed some expert help to ensure that they learned to be well behaved and had good manners.

Danielle's depth of knowledge is truly amazing and her ability to share and teach is even more impressive. We had taken Tigger to a different trainer for puppy class and found we were very frustrated with that whole process and it did nothing to help us learn how to manage a multiple dog household. We also appreciated that the first thing Danielle wanted to know was what we wanted and expected from our dogs, it was such a personalized and helpful approach.  The fact that she came to our place and saw first-hand what we needed help with and also what we were doing right was fantastic.

We learned more in our first session with Danielle than in the 6 weeks we went to puppy class.  Her tips and tricks were practical and helpful and the written follow up instructions that she sent out after each session were really appreciated. It is also reassuring to know that she is only a call or email away when we had questions or concerns.  We know that training is a daily commitment but Danielle showed us how to have fun with it and the results speak for themselves.

We have had many people comment on how well behaved the dogs are now and we owe that to Danielle.  Just a couple of days ago our 3 year old granddaughter opened the back door,  in the past both dogs would have just barreled in,  she told them to wait and held her little hand up and they waited until she said OK. WOW. 

We are looking forward to having a few more sessions with Danielle and without hesitation we highly recommend her and Focusing Fido's services to every animal owner we meet."

Sheila & Don Mills – private training clients

"Danielle Clark is a very talented, innovative trainer. Her ability to work with dogs and their handlers in a gentle, yet effective manner is exceptional. Her skills in teaching puppy classes, group classes and private instruction have been highly beneficial for the service dogs of Hope Heels."

Kristine Aanderson, Registered Psychologist  – Executive Director, Hope Heels Service Dogs