Focusing Fido Newsletters 2013

We are happy to present our monthly newsletters from 2013 for download!

Click here to download our [download id=”12″] Calming Signals

Click here to download our [download id=”13″] Puppy Socialization

Click here to download our [download id=”14″] Off-Leash Dog Parks

Click here to download our [download id=”15″] Loose Leash Walking

Click here to download our [download id=”16″] Finding Fido

Click here to download our [download id=”17″] Management

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Understanding Dog Body Language

Class Times: Wednesday November 14, 2012 – 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Location: Granada Veterinary Clinic, Sherwood Park
Investment: $15.00 per person

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Focusing Fido Newsletters 2012

We are pleased to offer our 2012 montly newsletters for download. Enjoy!

Click here to download our [download id=”3″] Fido and Baby

Click here to download our [download id=”4″] Backyard Destruction

Click here to download our [download id=”5″] Reliable Recall

Click here to download our [download id=”6″] Kennel Training

Click here to download our [download id=”7″] Puppy Houstraining

Click here to donwload our [download id=”8″] Nothing in Life for Free

Click here to download our [download id=”9″] Interactive Feeding

Click here to download our [download id=”10″] How Fit is your Fido

Click here to download our [download id=”11″] Fido Friendly Holiday

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Lil’ Fido and Friends

Class Times: Thursday Evenings – 6:00 to 7:00 pm – (Please note: classes are ending on July 11 2013 and will re-start in October 2013)
Location: Granada Veterinary Clinic, Sherwood Park
Investment: $20 per puppy/per class

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Housetraining Your Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting experience and one of the first things any puppy parent should be prepared to deal with is housetraining. Puppies, like human babies, have less bladder control than adults and therefore cannot always wait until someone finds the time to take them out. For owners, this means creating a routine and diligently managing your puppy’s access to a sufficient potty surface. If you have to leave your puppy home for longer periods than his bladder can comfortably hold, then make sure he is in a safe, enclosed area that is large enough to accommodate separated areas for eliminating, eating/drinking, sleeping and playing. This could mean setting up an exercise pen, or some other safely confined space on a floor that is easily cleaned, then providing the pup with housetraining pads on the floor, a bed, water, and some safe toys.

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Jumping Up

Whether you are welcoming guests into your home, trying to get in the door yourself, or simply taking your canine companion for a walk around town, many dogs find it irresistibly tempting to jump on people that they are greeting.

If you are wondering why, the answer is simple but perhaps shocking. It’s actually a trained response. Undoubtedly, you haven’t been purposely honing your dog’s exuberant greeting skills, but unfortunately Fido has learned a pattern. Your dog’s excitement leads him to jumping up on people, which in turn probably gains him a reinforcing response. Whether someone tries to gently push him off, or simply gives in and lavishes him with the attention he desires, Fido has learned that this jumping up behaviour gets him the attention he is looking for.

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Avoiding Winter Boredom

As the ground becomes covered in white and going outside feels more like walking into a freezer, it can become hard to keep up with Fido’s exercise needs.

Not only is it unpleasant for people to walk in icy and cold conditions, but it can also be very hard on your dog. Coats and boots for dogs can certainly help but dog clothes, and especially booties, are hard to keep on our active canine companions. Subsequently in the winter, dogs that used to enjoy an hour of running through the park, may now only withstand fifteen minutes of the snow and cold.

So how can you keep your canine actively entertained during the winter months? Well luckily, due to some ingenious dog lovers and trainers, there are a number of great options to exercise Fido without requiring the outdoors, or even a lot of space, and I’ve listed three of my favorites below.

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